Ford Foundation Fellowship Success Series: Sample Application Workshop (SHEF)

Thu, Nov 14 2019, 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
/ Location: SRB Multipurpose Room

There is a world of difference between being told what your writing should look like and being shown what it should look like. This is because examples make learning a new skill much easier to recognize and practice. This workshop will provide that help by going over examples of successful statements from previously awarded Ford Foundation Fellows.

This will not simply be a workshop where handouts are distributed. Led by the university’s Graduate Writing Specialist, this Ford Foundation Fellowship Success Series workshop will focus on breaking down the underlying features within the samples. Learn how to present a knowledge gap in your introduction. Explore how to craft strong transition statements that connect your research goals to considerations of diversity. While there is no one way to write any statement, there are patterns to how successful applications model themselves to hit all the essential criteria. Come learn how other writers have done this to excel with your own application.

Two workshops to choose from!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics​) students
​When:  Tuesday, November 1​2th, 12-1:30​ p.m.
Where: ​Elings Hall 1605

SHEF (Social Science, Humanities, Education, and Fine Arts) students: 
When:  Thursday, November 1​4th, 12-1:30​ p.m.
Where: ​Student Resource Building Multipurpose Room (SRB, RM 1112)

RSVP here for either session but drop-ins are welcome!

Event Contact : Robby Nadler