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Office of Instructional Development
Find out more about their Teaching Assistant Development Program

Most positions in academia, from tenure-track professors to adjunct lecturers, require a teaching component. Regular classroom teaching is not as common in other professions, save for K-12 education, but you may find yourself teaching a workshop session on your area of expertise to your colleagues or performing outreach activities to a public audience. Take advantage of the teaching opportunities available to you as a graduate student, whether it’s a TA appointment, a volunteer outreach opportunity, or a one-time workshop on a topic of your choice.


Instructional Development
Your go-to campus resource for everything teaching-related, Instructional Development offers a wide variety of services to support you in the classroom, such as:

Certificate in College and University Teaching (CCUT)
Designed for doctoral students who wish to demonstrate superior competence and experience in preparation for teaching at the university or college level

Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment / Title IX Compliance
Policies, procedures, and training opportunities related to equal opportunity, diversity, non-discrimination, and Title IX

Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity
Resources, organizations, and training workshops

Grad Teach Forum for Campus Employment Opportunities
The GradTeach forum, located on Google Groups, connects graduate students seeking student academic employment with departments in need of additional support. You are encouraged to subscribe to this group with your UCSB email address in order to receive updates about open positions sent directly to your inbox. However, even without subscribing, you can view the listings.


National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity
Through UCSB’s institutional membership, graduate students and postdocs get access to free professional development and pedagogical resources including webinars, readings, and discussion forums

Chronicle Vitae
Online career hub and support network for faculty, administrators, and graduate students. Featuring a variety of teaching resources including David Gooblar’s Pedagogy Unbound blog, a Teaching Tips discussion group, and a syllabi database.

Resources for Teaching Diverse Groups