The Writing Soft Skills Success Series will address writing concerns that are often overlooked in the classroom. From answering questions about how to use a comma to providing strategies for improving writing efficiency, this series will focus on the skills that go into being a productive writer. Think of this as self-care for writing. Contained to only one-hour blocks, these sessions will present focused explorations of a topic that will allow participants to then take stock of their own writing skills.

  1. Overcoming Writer's Block

  2. Efficient Writing: Time Management & Goal Setting

  3. Narrative: The Power of Storytelling in Academia 

  4. Writing Animal Personality Quiz: Learning Your Writing Traits

  5. Effective strategies for revision 

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*Due to proprietary materials being presented in this workshop, all participants will need to RSVP or contact Robby Nadler directly to receive the link to this workshop.