Housing vacancies at San Clemente Villages: open to all graduate students

by Graduate Division Staff
Thursday, January 21, 2021 8:00 AM

UCSB Housing has informed the Graduate Division that there is still vacant housing available in San Clemente Villages (SCV). The vacancies are open to all single graduate students, regardless of year, and students can move in quickly. Read on for a short Q&A from the Housing Department and for more information about how to apply!

Q&A From the Housing Department

Who is currently eligible to apply for SCV housing--e.g., any grad student regardless of year in program and/or previous SCV residency?

Any currently registered grad student is eligible.

What length of contract would they be applying for--e.g., 9 months? 1 year?

Contracts would end August 15, 2021, but residents may cancel their contract prior to August 15, 2021 with 30-days written notice.

Is there a deadline to apply or is it a rolling deadline?

As long as there is space, we will continue to accommodate eligible students.

What prioritization schema will be used if the number of applications exceeds the number of available spots?

First come, first served.

How do students submit an application?

Students should contact us at housinginfo@housing.ucsb.edu.

Who can they contact if they have questions?

University & Community Housing Services
(805) 893-4371