Pillars of Teaching Workshop: Active Learning - What, Why, and How?

Wed, Feb 17 2021, 1:00 PM - 02:00 PM
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The “Pillars of Teaching Assistantship” workshop series and certificate is designed to provide TAs with a comprehensive, research-based foundation for teaching in the role of TA. TAs will earn a Pillars certificate after completing all six workshops and their brief pre- and post- workshop activities. More information about this series as well as other Winter 2021 Instructional Development workshops can be found here.

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Pillar 2: Engaging Students in their Learning  
2A. Active learning: What, why, and how?

Facilitator: Katie L. Jan, TA Pedagogical Advisor

Students learn better when they are actively participating in the learning process rather than passively listening. In this workshop, you will differentiate between active learning and passive listening, identify elements that foster active learning, and apply a variety of instructional methods.

When: February 17
Time: 1-2pm
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Event Contact : Katie L. Jan