Every summer, the Graduate Division and Summer Sessions host two sessions of the Dissertation Write-In. These free, four-day intensive writing workshops are aimed at helping Ph.D. students in the middle stages of their dissertation process by providing dedicated writing times, breakout sessions with a facilitator on typical dissertation issues (including dealing with procrastination, managing research and sources, and writing to work through difficult ideas), one-on-one consultations with the facilitator, and peer consultations. Participants gain strategies and tools to create positive writing habits and thus become more efficient and productive writers.

As part of its efforts to provide financial support for graduate students who are engaged in short-term intensive campus programs that contribute to their development as academic professionals, the Graduate Division provides a Professional Development Award to eligible participants of the Dissertation Write-In. A fellowship of $500 will be awarded to students who successfully complete all four days of the program. Note that this fellowship is available to students regardless of P-status and receiving the fellowship funding requires full time registration in the relevant quarter (for Session 1 this would be Spring Quarter and for Session 2 this would be Fall Quarter).

Beginning in 2022, we will be hosting one session VIRTUALLY and one session IN PERSON each year, in order to accommodate different student needs and preferences. We encourage you to apply for the session(s) that best fits with your life logistics. Space is limited in each of the sessions, and attendees are selected through the application process described in more detail below.

2022 SESSION #1

When: June 13-16 (Monday through Thursday, 10am-4pm each day)
Format: Virtual
Number of Attendees: 30

Application Timeline

  • April 18: Application opens
  • May 6: Application closes
  • May 16: Applicants are notified of decision 

2022 SESSION #2

When: September 12-15 (Monday through Thursday, 10am-4pm each day)
Format: *This session is tentatively scheduled to be held in person; however, due to the rise in COVID-19 cases locally, the facilitator will decide by August 15 whether some or all of the session will be moved to virtual*
Number of Attendees: 20

Application Timeline

  • July 25: Application opens
  • August 5: Application closes
  • August 15: Applicants are notified of decision 

Eligibility & Application Process

You are eligible to apply if you are a Ph.D. student who:

  • Has advanced to candidacy;
  • Has completed a chapter of your dissertation; and
  • Is committed to attending all sessions of the Write-In.

Interested students must complete a short application that includes the following information:

  • A brief (approximately 150 words) description of your dissertation project
  • A list of your work/progress on your research and writing up to this point
  • Any obstacles you have encountered in your writing thus far
  • Expectations for what you hope to accomplish during the Write-In
  • Identify specific writing issues with which you would like help
  • PDFs of your dissertation prospectus (where applicable) and a completed chapter (either drafted or accepted) 

Students who apply are chosen in the following way:

  • Of the pool of applicants, the facilitator determines who is eligible/appropriate to participate based on the criteria outlined above
  • From the list of eligible applicants, the facilitator runs a lottery system to determine the selected number of participants for the session
  • Applicants are notified of their application decision via email by the facilitator

If you have questions, please email Katie Baillargeon (who facilitates the program) or Shawn Warner (who coordinates the program).

In addition to the intensive Dissertation Write-In, students are also encouraged to look into GRAD/WRIT 282AA: Dissertation/Thesis Writing Communities, a Spring Quarter pass/no pass course led by Dr. Robby Nadler that provides students with weekly writing times, writing lessons, and peer review opportunities.