Located on the first floor of the Student Resource Building (Room 1215), the GSRC is the primary resource for graduate students at UCSB for career and professional development support. We offer a variety of workshops and events, individual advising, and referrals to other campus resources that serve graduate students.

The GSRC is open for drop-ins from 9:30am-4pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, or you can always email one of our staff to set up a meeting. 

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The GradPost is the digital outpost of the Graduate Student Resource Center and serves as the primary source for news, funding, professional development, advice, events, and more related to graduate student life at UC Santa Barbara. Using the navigation buttons at the top of the website, you'll find articles on:

  • Top Stories: Headliner news on important happenings around campus, spotlight features on graduate students and alumni, and the latest goings-on at UCSB's Graduate Division
  • Events: Up-to-date information about events relevant to graduate students, including workshops, lectures, concerts, and community events
  • Money: What you need to know about on-campus and extramural funding as well as information on financial literacy, internships, and funding forecasts
  • Career & Tools: Essential resources for success inside and outside the classroom, including advice and articles on career planning, communication, pedagogy, and time management
  • Life: Articles on campus and community life, such as local attractions, wellness and life balance, and creative ways to manage the stress of grad school

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History of the GradPost

By Don Lubach, co-founder of the GradPost

The UCSB Graduate Post blog was founded in 2010 as a campus collaboration to support UCSB’s large graduate student population. The goal was to centralize information pertaining to graduate life in one well-organized and inviting location on the Web. Additionally, the Graduate Student Resource Center was re-purposed as the headquarters of graduate information and remodeled to have the look and feel of a vintage newspaper room.

Support for the project came from the Graduate Division and Student Affairs. Health and Wellness Services granted money to get things started and a committed group of graduate students and employees got to work. Inspiration for the GradPost came from the @826National educational non-profit. The team was enchanted with the idea of graduate students writing, curating, and presenting information to their fellow graduate students. Early on, the decision was made to share information in a recognizable style that can best be described as fun, informative, and supportive.

After the launch in the late fall quarter of 2010, the GradPost headquarters quickly became a hive of activity with graduate peers tapping away and a Guest Editor-in-Chief (Mark Shishim) lending a hand with story ideas and support. Today, the GradPost is co-written and co-edited collaboratively by the small group of graduate student peer advisors and Graduate Division administrative staff listed above.