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The Graduate Division realizes that one of the most important ways to support graduate student writing is through aiding the faculty who work with our graduate student populations. Our Academic, Professional, and Technical Graduate Writing Development Director is committed to working individually with faculty across campus to help design class assignments, provide rubrics and assignments samples to support curricular development, and give guest lectures and workshops. Common talks include instructing students how to publish academic articles in their respective disciplines, the conventions related to professional documents (e.g., C.V.s and research statements), and preparing students for the academic transition between undergraduate and graduate studies. He also provides faculty-only workshops on topics such as how to comment on graduate student writing. There is no boundary on the discipline, writing document, or audience as long as graduate students are, in some way, bettered. For more information on how we can assist your teaching endeavors, please contact Robby Nadler at

About Our Academic, Professional, and Technical Graduate Writing Development Director, Robby Nadler

Robby Nadler holds terminal degrees from the University of Montana (M.F.A.) and the University of Georgia (Ph.D.). At the latter, he directed the campus’ five writing centers and was responsible for developing the university’s dissertation/thesis boot camps, creating and teaching the university’s graduate writing courses, and transforming the campus writing centers in research units. His research fields focus on nontraditional sites of basic writing, including graduate writing, STEM composition, and writing centers. For his efforts, he was awarded the 2018 Council on Basic Writing’s Innovation Award, which is granted to one institution annually and represents the highest honor in the field of basic writing praxis. He is also author of the book jesse garon writes a love letter, a magical realism memoir about holocaust narratives and Elvis Presley that was inspired during his Fulbright grant in Israel. When not writing, Robby can be found in the gym or engaging his side pursuits as a classically trained pastry chef and baker. For writing-related questions, information, and suggestions, you can email him at