2017 Incoming Grad Series: João Gabriel Rabello Sodré

Joao thumbnail

João Gabriel Rabello Sodré believes it's never too late to change your career path. H​e closes out our series by sharing ​why he decided to pursue an MA in Global Studies ​here at UCSB. Read on to learn about ​his research interests in human rights, as well as his love of history and video games!

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2017 Incoming Grad Series: Krista Lucas

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Krista is excited to come back to academia after an almost 10-year break. She is an incoming Ph.D. in Education, focusing specifically on science education. Read on to learn more about ​Krista's research interests and her favorite things to do with her two kids.

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2017 Incoming Grad Series: Athith Krishna

Athith Krishna

Athith Krishna is an incoming Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Bangalore, India. Not only is he interested in researching semicondutors, but he is also a huge James Bond fan and was the youngest person to be invited to participate at the Mental Calculation World Cup.

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2017 Incoming Grad Series: Sarah Dunne

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Even though Sarah Dunne grew up in Ireland, she has always been fascinated with U.S. history. She has an undergraduate degree in History and English Literature and a Master's in American Studies. Read on to find out how Sarah is finally fulfilling her dream of attending graduate school ​at UCSB.

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2017 Incoming Grad Series: Teodora Losic

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Grad school marks the next chapter in Teodora Losic's UCSB adventure. Having just earned her B.S. in the spring from UCSB, she will continue her Master's research in the Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Department.

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2017 Incoming Grad Series: James O'Hara

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Next up in our 2017 Incoming Grad Series is James O'Hara, who is pursuing a Ph.D. in ​Physics at UCSB. Having lived his whole life in the Northeast, he says he is ready for some nicer weather. Read on to learn more about James' ​background, research interests, and his very own podcast!

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2017 Incoming Grad Series: Jordan Victorian

Jordan Victorian thumbnail

The 2017 Incoming Grad Series continues with Jordan Victorian, an incoming Ph.D. student in Feminist Studies from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Learn more about ​Jordan's research interests in black sexual politics and what they are looking forward to at UCSB!

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2017 Incoming Grad Series: Phoebe Racine

Phoebe Thumnail

First up in our 2017 Incoming Graduate Student Series is Phoebe Racine, a UCSB Graduate Scholar entering the Ph.D. program in Environmental Science ​& Management. Learn more about Phoebe's passion for fish as well as her eclectic interests – including livestock wrangling!

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