Climate Innovation Funds and Climate Innovation Postdoctoral Fellows 2023-2024

by Liliana Garcia, Funding Peer
Thursday, April 13, 2023 11:56 AM

The Climate Innovation Funds are a partnership between CNSI, the Bren School, and the Office of Research to provide funding to accelerate the development and deployment of innovations that promote climate resilience by reducing vulnerability and/or supporting adaptation at the local, state, and national level, with a particular focus on ensuring that innovations address environmental and climate justice concerns and are deployable by a diversity of users and communities. Two grants are offered through this fund: User Discovery Grant and Proof of Concept Grant.

User Discovery Grant enable customer discovery and market validation for the selected innovation. Grant funding can be used to meet with potential customers/users to gain a deep understanding of: (1) the problem/challenge an innovation addresses; (2) critical innovative features needed to assure maximum efficacy and accessibility for a diverse range of customers/users; (3) potential resource limitations that may affect the ability of users to adopt or purchase the innovation; and, (4) the key stakeholders that influence the decision to adopt solutions for that problem or market space.

Proof of Concept Grants support targeted projects designed to demonstrate the potential value, feasibility, efficacy, and impact of the target innovation as part of translation out of the academic sector. The goal of the proposed project should be to acquire critical data needed to facilitate commercialization (either through a new startup company or a commercial licensee), or, in the case of open access innovations, acquire the data to encourage adoption and deployment.

Climate Innovation Postdoctoral Fellows participating in this program will work closely with both their faculty advisor and campus innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) programs. The program's emphasis will be on providing the focused resources and training needed to successfully transform and deploy university innovations for societal and economic impact. In addition to performing translational research, Fellows will work with our Climate Action Innovation programs for customized support of the target innovation. Fellows will also participate in Regional Climate Action Innovation Symposia to understand climate change challenges faced by communities across the state and identify opportunities and solutions within their fields. Fellows will have access to resources, year-round programming, and special events related to climate resilience. 

Climate Innovation Funds deadline May 22, 2023
Climate Innovation Postdoctoral Fellows deadline May 8, 2023

User Discovery grants will support up to $10,000 in customer/user discovery activities over a period of up to 12 months.

Proof of Concepts grants will support up to $50,000 in proof-of-concept research activities over a period of up to 12 months.

Climate Innovation Postdoctoral Fellowship provide fifty percent (50%) of the Postdoctoral Fellow’s salary for two years along with benefits, with the remaining support provided by faculty engaged in highly translatable Climate Action research; applications must be coordinated with the relevant faculty supervisor(s). 

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