Schmidt Family Foundation & UCSB Graduate Division: Environmental Science Research Awards

by Kaitlyn Ugoretz, Funding Peer
Tuesday, May 05, 2020 8:10 AM

The Schmidt Family Foundation, in partnership with the UCSB Graduate Division, is once again generously funding three types of awards and fellowships for research in the broad fields of ocean sciences, ecology, and environmental sciences to UCSB students. For all awards strong emphasis is placed on advancing science that has direct application for environmental problem solving. These awards are open to graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and undergraduates from all departments within UCSB. All awards are explicitly taking into account COVID impacts to research programs, and aim, in part to help reduce these impacts on research programs.

Research Accelerator Awards: These awards ($8,000) facilitate graduate students to conduct summer research by providing salary, tuition or field costs.

Environmental Solutions Research Grant Awards: These awards ($20,000) are intended to provide partial support to advanced doctoral students or postdoctoral researchers to improve the overall quality of their research program (graduate students must have advanced to candidacy by May 15 to be eligible).

Summer Research Mentorship Awards: These awards ($8,000 per pair) support the development of graduate or postdoctoral student and undergraduate research pairing in these fields through a mentoring program that pairs an undergraduate with a graduate student mentor. 

May 15, 2020.

Research Accelerator Award: $8,000 per student

Environmental Solutions Research Grant Award: $20,000 per student

Summer Research Mentorship Award: $8,000 per pair

Varies by award. Please check individual award announcements.

Please note that while a student may apply for multiple Schmidt Awards, no student may receive multiple awards. 

Research Accelerator Award

Environmental Solutions Research Grant Award

Summer Research Mentorship Award