Call for original solutions to climate change: Applications due October 1st

by Julia McClenon, International Peer Advisor
Tuesday, September 17, 2019 10:48 AM

The Terraton Challenge is a call for solutions that accelerate the drawdown of 1 trillion tons of atmospheric carbon dioxide into agricultural soils. Any team or individual with an original solution to one of the three critical areas below may apply. 

The focus is on three critical areas:
     1. Accelerate: Increasing the speed at which carbon dioxide is sequestered and maintained.
     2. Quantify: Catalyzing the next generation of soil carbon sampling and measurements systems.
     3. Reward: Incentivizing growers to sequester soil carbon.

Up to $3,500 may be awarded simply for submitting an idea. This could lead to $60k in grants, and up to $3M in contracts. Your intellectual property rights will be preserved, and you will have the chance to gain industry exposure, as well as develop mentoring relationships ​through Indigo Ag's network.

Anyone can apply, at all stages of education or career, from any industry background, and from any country! 

The Terraton Challenge seeks to focus global innovators on agriculture as a climate change solution. 

Applications are due October 1st. Apply here.