UCSB grad student wins Link Foundation Fellowship Award

by Graduate Division Staff
Monday, August 09, 2021 9:00 AM

First-ever UCSB graduate student to receive the Link Foundation Energy Fellowship Award

The Graduate Division congratulates Nora Schopp, a fourth-year Materials Chemistry Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, for receiving the 2021-2023 Link Foundation Energy Fellowship Award. Schopp is one of three Fellows selected by the Link Foundation from applicants from across the United States and Canada -- and is the first ever UC Santa Barbara graduate student to win the award.

“Receiving the Link Energy fellowship is such an honor and a wonderful recognition of my work,” said Schopp. “The generous fellowship allows me to focus on advancing my research full-time. As a consequence, my schedule has become a lot more flexible, and I am able to invest more time in professional development, campus involvement, and volunteer work in addition to my research. I am very grateful for these great opportunities and the generous support of the Link Foundation.”

Apply for the Link Foundation Energy Fellowship
The Link Foundation Fellowship is open to both international and domestic graduate students to foster education and innovation in the area of societal production and utilization of energy. The award consists of a two-year fellowship of $32,500 per year for two years (a total of $65,000 to be used for the Fellow’s academic year and summer stipend).

Online applications for the fellowship will go live on Wednesday, September 15. Applications are due by Wednesday, December 1.