Sign up to be a GSA graduate representative

by Graduate Division Staff
Monday, October 26, 2020 3:00 PM



An Assembly Member and/or Graduate Representative is responsible for:

  1. Disseminating important information about new services or events to graduate students in their graduate program.

  2. Bringing forth concerns or new ideas shared by peer graduates in their Master’s or Doctoral program.

  3. Voting in official GSA matters, including appointment of new Executive Officers, approving ballot language for elections, and deciding a course of action during critical events.

  4. Attending a minimum of 2/3 of all Assembly meetings per quarter in order to qualify for a departmental rebate. Rebates can be received by the department or individually by the graduate representative

The following departments still need a graduate representative: 

+ Art

+ Chemistry and Biochemistry

+ Chicana and Chicano Studies

+ Classics

+ Dynamical Neuroscience

+ Economics

+ English

+ Film and Media Studies

+ Global Studies

+ History

+ Materials

+ Mathematics

+ Mechanical Engineering

+ Media Arts & Technology

+ Music

+ Sociology

+ Technology Management Program

// Note that you must be registered via this form to receive payment for attending the general assembly meetings //