Graduate student support for central fellows with child dependents

by Daina Tagavi, Professional Development Peer
Wednesday, April 08, 2020 10:00 AM

Graduate Students with child dependents face significant related costs that often stretch their limited financial resources. While working as an Academic Student Employee (ASE) and/or Graduate Student Researcher (GSR), these students can receive financial support for related costs, currently up to $1,100 per quarter. However, students who are instead supported by Fellowship during an academic quarter often have no explicit support for these costs.

Commencing with the Spring 2020 quarter, the Graduate Division will begin providing supplemental funding commensurate in amount to the ASE and GSR benefits for Central Fellows with child dependents during fellowship quarters. Eligible fellowships include those won through the Graduate Division’s Central Recruitment Fellowship Competitions, Continuing Student Fellowship Competitions, and the Regents in the Disciplines Fellowship Program.

Qualifying Central Fellows will receive supplemental fellowship stipend in the amount of $1,100 in each fellowship quarter of their central award. Qualified central fellows must have one or more child dependent ages twelve and under during the awarded quarter.

Current Central Fellows on fellowship quarters are eligible to receive these funds. All 2020-21 applicants who have been offered Central Recruitment Fellowships are likewise eligible for this additional support​.

More information about the current ASE and GSR programs, in addition to other parenting accommodations can be found here.