Check Your Pay Status in the UCPath Portal

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019 9:40 AM

A message from the Graduate Division

Dear Graduate Students, 

As the campus continues to acclimate to the recently implemented UCPath payroll system, the Graduate Division encourages all employed graduate students to be proactive in checking their pay status. Employees can view their paycheck statements in the UCPath Portal 48 hours in advance of payday. For a demo of the Portal, please see this video. We strongly advise you to check your pay statement for accuracy. To better understand your earning statements and paycheck, please see here. If you have questions about your earning statement, check with your employing department.

If your pay is incorrect, report it immediately to the staff in your employing department. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships can provide emergency loans to those individuals who need immediate financial assistance. Visit their office in 2103 SAASB, or call (805) 893-2432. For more information on other services and resources, see these FAQs.

Thank you for your attention, and we hope you are having a productive quarter!


The Graduate Division Team