Grad Slam 2019 ​Semifinal Round Schedule

Mon Apr 15 | 11a-12p

S​RB Multipurpose Room

Ana Sofia Guerra | ​Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology
Cloudy with a Chance of Bird Poop: A tale of Seabirds and Nutrients

Andrew Rowberg |  Materials
Engineering High-Performance Materials for the Hydrogen Economy

Avi McClelland-Cohen | ​Communication
From #MeToo to #WeToo: Constituting Movement Identity in a Digitally Networked Context

Daniel Means | Computer Science
Detecting Disasters through Social Media

Fernando Temprano-Coleto | ​​​Mechanical Engineering
From Drag Reduction to Maze Solving: The Physics of Surfactants

Jiajia Zheng | ​​Environmental Science & Management
Reducing the Global Carbon Footprint of Plastics

Katelyn Zigner | Geography
Fired Up: How Advancements in Wildfire Modeling Will Help Society

Melissa Gordon WolfEducation
​On a Scale of One to Ten

Rebecca Baker | ​English
Uncanny Alter(n)ity: Science Fiction and the Power of Possible Worlds

Shashank Aswathanarayana | ​​​Media Arts & Technology
I Hear Bangalore3D

Tue Apr 16 | 3-4p
SRB Multipurpose Room

Andrew Steinkruger | Environmental Science & Management
Conservation Opportunities in Commercial Aquaculture: The Case for Farming Totoaba

Bharat Monga | Mechanical Engineering
Cure for Parkinson's: A Dream Come True

Camille Endacott | Communication
When Artificial Intelligence Makes Your Day

George Degen | ​Chemical Engineering
H​ealing Muscles with Mussels

Lauren Kaapcke | Environmental Science & Management
Encouraging Investment in Coral Reefs

Luke Rosedahl | Dynamical Neuroscience
Category Learning and the Human Brain

Margaret Schimmel |  Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Designing the Cure for Polycystic Kidney Disease: A Novel Immunotherapy

Naveen Venkatesan | Materials
"Magic Paint" - Using Hybrid Perovskites for Efficient Solar Cells

Taylor Heisley-Cook | Environmental Science & Management
​Waste to Wear: Fabric from Cannabis Waste

Yvonne Diaz | Chemistry
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish? Dead Fish! : Combating Food Spoilage with Color

Wed Apr 17 | 11a-12p
SRB Multipurpose Room

David Mun | ​Environmental Science & Management
The Apparel Industry: Reducing Environmental and Social Impact through Materials Innovation

Geneva Alok | ​​Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology 
It Started out with Mitosis. How Did it End up Like This?

Kathryn Harrison | Communication
Sharing a (Cyber)Space: Fostering Relationship Maintenance and a Sense of Community in an Assisted Living Community Through Virtual Reality

Khanh Nguyen | Chemistry
When Proteins Hold Hands and Dance

Nicole Zamanzadeh | ​Communication
Media Multitasking and Teen Stress: Developmental And Parental Risk Factors

Phoebe Racine | ​Environmental Science & Management
Big Mussel: Will They Eat Us Out of the Water?

Samantha McCuskey | Chemical Engineering
How Could Bacteria Power the World?

Tom Costigan |  Philosophy
The Gettier Problem

Vinnie Wu  |  Psychological & Brain Sciences
Motivation Matters: Are Positive Intergroup Interactions Positive for Everyone?

Zachary Reitz | Chemistry
Chained by Iron: The Tug-of-War Between Bacteria and our Body

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