Friday April 19
3 p.m.
Corwin Pavilion

Rebecca Baker | ​English
Science Fiction and the Power of Possible Worlds

Vinnie Wu | Psychological & Brain Sciences
Motivation Matters: Are Positive Intergroup Interactions Positive for Everyone?

Taylor Heisley-Cook | Environmental Science & Management
​Waste to Wear: Fabric from Cannabis Waste

Ana Sofia Guerra | Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology
Cloudy with a Chance of Bird Poop: A Tale of Seabirds and Nutrients

Camille Endacott | Communication
When Artificial Intelligence Makes Your Day

Zachary Reitz | Chemistry
Chained by Iron: The Tug-of-War Between Bacteria and Our Body

Phoebe Racine | ​Environmental Science & Management
Planning for the Next Food Revolution

Melissa Gordon Wolf | Education
​On a Scale of One to Ten

George Degen | ​Chemical Engineering
Healing Muscles with Mussels