2016 Grad Slam Logo

Friday April 20
3 p.m.
Corwin Pavilion

Katie Harrison | Communication
Communicating Resilience During Acute and Chronic Stress

Erin Winslow | ​​Environmental Science & Management
Coral Community Dynamics: A Mystery in Moorea, French Polynesia

May ElSherif | Computer Science
#NotOkay: Understanding Gender-based Violence in Social Media

Rebecca Baker | English
Cognitive Cyborgs: Minds, Machines, and (Re)Mediated Techno-Cultural Identities in the Post-Millennium

Mengya Tao | Environmental Science & Management
A Safer World with Fewer Regrettable Chemicals

Neil Dolinski | Materials
3D Printing with Color: One Solution, Multiple Materials

Andrea Figueroa-Caballero | ​Communication
Trial by TV: The Effects of News Coverage Linking Undocumented Immigrants with Criminality

Veronica Laos | ​Chemistry
Understanding Neurodegenerative Disorders: One Protein at a Time

Lauren Menzer | ​Environmental Science & Management
​Poison in Your Panties?