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Grad Slam 2017 Semifinal Round Schedule

ROUND 1 (See highlights video)
Mon Apr 17 | 11a-12p
Engineering Science Building 1001

Andrew Cawley | Environmental Science & Management
Climate Change, Costs, and Caribou

Anirudha Banerjee | Chemical Engineering
"Tractor Beams" that Steer Colloidal Particles Over Millimeter Distances

Anusha Pusuluri | Chemical Engineering
Bioengineered Molecular Missiles - The Next Gen of Precision Medicine

Daniel Phillips | Geography (JUDGES' CHOICE)
Defining the Community of Interest as a Cognitive Region

Dominique Houston | Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology (JUDGES' CHOICE)
DID I PAUSE? DIAPAUSE: A Story of Suspended Animation 

Douglas Fabini | ​Materials
Toward Ubiquitous Solar Energy: Materials for Low Cost Conversion of Sunlight to Electricity

Elisabeth Steel | Earth Science
Rivers Under the Ocean: How Turbidity Currents Shape our Seafloor

Evan Layher | Psychological and Brain Sciences
Your Terrible Memory Leads to Poor Decisions… “Thanks” Brain

Max Nowak  | Chemical Engineering (JUDGES' CHOICE)
Breaching the Blood-Brain Barrier

Melissa Rapp | ​Education
Getting Teachers to the Highest Grade: Gendered Responses to Evaluations

ROUND 2 (See highlights video)
Tue Apr 18 | 3-4p
SRB Multipurpose Room

Becca Best | Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Unraveling an Unexpected Effect of Tau at Microtubule Ends

Brandon Isaac | Materials
Light Circuits for Mobile Communication

David Miller | ​Geography (JUDGES' CHOICE)
Plants, Cities, and Satellites: High Resolution Mapping of Carbon Uptake by Urban Vegetation

Eric Jorgensen | Theater Studies (JUDGES' CHOICE)
Reacquired: I, Thou and the American AIDS Play

Jacob Barrett | Chemistry
Chemicals from ​Biomass: We Wood if We Could

James Giammona | Physics
Building Early Embryos in the Computer

Laura Reynolds | Earth Science
Pollution and Pollen: Evidence of Human Influence in California Sediments

Leah Foltz | Biomolecular Science & Engineering (JUDGES' CHOICE)
Personalized Medicine: How to Cure Blindness with Your Own Cells

Pedro Sosa | Computer Science
Post-Quantum Cryptography: Preparing for the Cryptopocalypse

ROUND 3 (See highlights video)
Wed Apr 19 | 11a-12p
Engineering Science Building 1001

Adrianna Simone | Chicana and Chicano Studies 
It Was NEVER Fiction: The Decolonized Voice of Michele Serros

Amanda Kaczmarek | Psychological and Brain Sciences (JUDGES' CHOICE)
Tylenol and Advil Effects on Mental Rotation

Aranya Goswami | Electrical & Computer Engineering
Tunnel Transistors: Going through Walls to Save Energy

Jason Wien | Physics
What's Really Inside a Black Hole?

Jim Mondo | Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology (JUDGES' CHOICE)
Many in Motion: Modeling Metastasis in the Fly

Kathryn Harrison | Communication
The (Un)Importance of a Gut Feeling: Information Seeking Strategies in Online Dating

Kelly Ibsen | Chemical Engineering (JUDGES' CHOICE)
No More Needles: The Promise of Non-Invasive Drug Delivery via Ionic Liquids

Michael Paull | Chemical Engineering
A Brief History of Your Immune System

Sara Lafia | Geography
Spatial Discovery: Linking Geographic Footprints to Topic Spaces

Tiffany Halvorsen | Biomolecular Science & Engineering
The Battle Between Bacteria Begins with a Trojan Horse

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