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Grad Slam 2016 Preliminary Round Schedule

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ROUND 1 (Winners)
Mon Apr 4 | 11a-12p

Engineering Science Building 1001

Mallorie Chase | History of Art & Architecture
Paper Thrones‚Äč and Unruly Urbanism in Modern Lisbon

Andrew Choi | Counseling, Clinical, & School Psychology
Measuring Prejudice and Encouraging Change from Within

Kyle Crocco | Education
Why Is My Message So Repetitive Repetitive? Strategies for Improving Multiplatform Writing

Aditya Dalakoti | Electrical & Computer Engineering
Communication Links: Why Did We Forget the Basic and Awesome Approach!!

Savannah Dearden | Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology
Sparkling Sea-Slug Photonics: The Discovery of Nanoscopic Multi-Layer Reflectors in F. Iodinea

Sarah Manski | Global Studies
A New Global Economic Polity and Co-Constructing a Global Commonwealth

Dara Seidl | Geography
Where You At? Protecting Privacy through Location Masking

Alexandra Vasquez | Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Finding a Place for Conservation in the Galápagos Marine Reserve

ROUND 2 (Winners)
Mon Apr 4 | 3-4p
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020

Francisco Brandao | Political Science
Polarization and Homophily on Facebook

Owen Colegrove | Physics
Searching for New Physics at the LHC

Taylor Damiani | Counseling, Clinical, & School Psychology
Path to Purpose: Finding Our Inner Music

Veronica Fematt | Education
Transfer Student Microaggressions and Stereotypes: A Closer Examination of the Campus Climate at a Four-Year Research University

Katherine Millage | Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Fishing for Benefits: Seafood Certifications in Small-Scale Fisheries

Luke Patterson | Mechanical Engineering
µHammer: Impacting Neuroscience One Cell at a Time

Ester Trujillo | Chicana & Chicano Studies
Understanding U.S. Salvadoran Ethnic Identity

Sara Weinstein | Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology
Worms in Raccoons: Worms in You?

ROUND 3 (Winners)
Tue Apr 5 | 11a-12p
Engineering Science Building 1001

Rachael Drew | Global Studies
It’s in the Syllabus: Identity, National Narratives, and Curricular Politics in Postcolonial Education

Elizabeth Hiroyasu | Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Fun Facts about Wild Pigs and Why We Should Care about Them

David Hwang | Materials
LEDs: Enablers of the Future

Sarah Kerchusky | Anthropology
Socio-Economic Change at Sodom and the Textiles that Told the Tale

Jacob Kirksey | Education
Teacher Education SPED Up: A Natural Experiment

Aditya Maheshwari | Statistics & Applied Probability

Empirical Estimation of Goodwin Growth Models

Celeste Pilegard | Psychological & Brain Sciences
Achieving Meaningful Learning with Video Games

Tanmoy Sanyal | Chemical Engineering
Folding Proteins Faster

Jason Wien | Physics
Getting a Handle on Quark Confinement

ROUND 4 (Winners)
Tue Apr 5 | 3-4p
Mosher Alumni Hall

Nicholas Browne | Earth Science
Subduction in Antarctica: Petrogenesis and Timing of Lamprophyre Dike Swarms

Nissa Cannon | English
An Expatriate by Any Other Name

Fang He | History
'Golden Lilies' across the Pacific: American Imagination of Footbinding and the Shaping of Immigration Inspection

Mike Johnson | Geography
Spatiality: An Opportunity in Water Security Research

Stephanie Karba | Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Microsynthetic Fiber Pollution and the Apparel Industry

Delores Mondragon | Chicana & Chicano Studies
Native Veteran Women: Resilience and Rematriation

ROUND 5 (Winners)
Wed Apr 6 | 11a-12p
Engineering Science Building 1001

Dana Bardolph | Anthropology
Why Archaeology (Still) Needs Feminism

Rohan Bhandari | Physics
Searching for the Universe: Particle Physics in One Sentence

Ying-Jung Chen | Geography
Do We Have Enough Water Resources? A View from Storage-Discharge Relations among Local Watersheds

Laura Hooton | History
Co-Opting the Border: An African American Agricultural Colony in Baja California

Shabnam Larimian | Electrical & Computer Engineering
VeSFET: The New Approach to Mitigate Current Electronic Circuits' Problems

Nicole Leung | Biomolecular Science & Engineering
Lighting the Path from the Eye to the Brain

Kendall Mills | Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
The Market Value of Non-Market Goods: Conservation of Endangered Whale Species in the Santa Barbara Channel

Isabel Ochoa | Global Studies
A Failed Mexican State? Challenging the Oversimplified Narrative of Mexico's Drug War

Yan Shoshitaishvili | Computer Science
Hacked by a Robot or Steal This Movie: Breaking Copy Protection in Netflix and Friends

ROUND 6 (Winners)
Wed Apr 6 | 3-4p
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020 

Chloe Diamond-Lenow | Feminist Studies
The Politics of Puppy Love in War: Race, Gender, Sex, and Species in US Militarism

Abel Gustafson | Communication
Good Intentions, Bad Effects: Cumulative Advantage in Science Communication

Amanda Kaczmarek | Psychological & Brain Sciences
Moral Decision Making and the Magnocellular Pathway 

Emmie Matsuno | Counseling, Clinical, & School Psychology
LGB and T? Examining LGB Attitudes Towards Transgender Populations

Amanda Pinheiro de Oliveira | Global Studies
Can a mosquito defeat a country?: Brazil's War on Zika

Barbara Quimby | Geography
Tradition, Equity, and Conservation: Coastal Comanagement in Samoa

Phillip Rogers | Linguistics
Featuring the Bituri: Linguistic Fieldwork in Papua New Guinea

Chad Spensky | Computer Science

Single Device Authentication

ROUND 7 (Winners)
Thu Apr 7 | 11a-12p
Engineering Science Building 1001

Adam Arce | Earth Science
Understanding Earth's Interior from Listening to It Break 

Zhe Fu | Electrical & Computer Engineering
Deep Learning for Health Informatics

Song Gao | Geography
Earth's Biggest Seasonal Human Migration on a Map

Amanda Kautzman | Psychological & Brain Sciences
Building a Retina from the Genome Up

Sarah Neace | Global Studies
Religious Violence in Brazil: The Rise of Militant Pentecostalism and Implications for Afro-Brazilian Religions

Will Summers | Materials
Designing New Materials for Jet Engines

ROUND 8 (Winners)
Thu Apr 7 | 3-4p
UCen, Flying A Studios 

Gokh ‚ÄčAmin | Global Studies
Seven Years, Three Yemens: The Empowerment and Disenfranchisement of Yemeni Women Between 1989 and 1995

Kevin Delucio | Counseling, Clinical, & School Psychology
Come Out, Come Out, However You Want: Exploring an Alternative to Verbal Disclosure of Gay Identity

Jeffrey Hunger | Psychological & Brain Sciences
The Notorious B.M.I.

Joshua Kuntzman | Education
Educational Dialogs: Uncovering the Foundation for School Reforms

Joseph Palazzo | Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Waste Opportunities: The Real Reason to Recycle

Kaushal Patel | Physics
Man vs. Nature: The Dawn of Quantum Computing

Elijah Spina | Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Good As New: Evolution Meets Data Science to Predict New Therapies for Regenerative Medicine

ROUND 9 (Winners)
Fri Apr 8 | 11a-12p
McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020 

Forest Cannon | Geography
Weather and Climate Modeling in High Mountain Asia: Uncertainty in the Future of Asia’s Water Resources

Brett Carpenter | Technology Management
The Behavioral Science of Water Consumption: A Venture for Drought Decision Architecture

Jesilyn Faust | Global Studies
Challenging Global Responses to Violence Against Women: The case of Amina al Falali

Curt Nehrkorn | Physics
Mining for Dark Matter

Avila Reese | Theatre & Dance
Impossible Women: Performance and Practice, Femininity and Power in Contemporary Representations of Medea and Lady Macbeth

Gaoyuan Tian | Statistics & Applied Probability
Income Inequality

ROUND 10 (Winners)
Fri Apr 8 | 3-4p
SRB Multipurpose Room 

JV Decemvirale | History of Art & Architecture
Knowing Your Place and Making Do: Radical Arts Organizing in Black and Latino Los Angeles, 1960 to Present

Evan Layher | Psychological & Brain Sciences
Improving Memory-Based Decision-Making Through Neurostimulation

Theo LeQuesne | Global Studies
Communicating Climate Justice

Nathan Prisco | Chemical Engineering
Molecular Insights into Natural Pozzolans as CO2 Avoiding Construction Materials

Laura Reynolds | Earth Science
Megafloods of California's Past

Adrianna Simone | Chicana & Chicano Studies
It Was NEVER Fiction: The Decolonized Voice of Michele Serros

Elayne Thomas | Materials
Organic Thermoelectrics: Creating Energy Through Heat

Geoff Willard | Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Where're Wolves?: Mapping Wolf Habitat and Wolf-Livestock Conflict Hotspots in California

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