Final Round Schedule 

Friday April 17 | ​3-4p
Corwin Pavillion

Sarah Abdul-Wajid | Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology 
Using Sea Squirts to Find New Genetic Factors Controlling Birth Defects

Wencheng Yan | History of Art and Architecture
Writing Modernity: Constructing a History of Chinese Architecture, 1920 – 1949

David Copp | Mechanical Engineering

Closing the Loop: Engineering an Artificial Pancreas

Daniel Hieber | Linguistics
Renaissance on the Bayou: Reviving the Chitimacha Language

Selvi Ersoy | Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology

Killing Me Softly with Antibiotics

Lakshmanan Nataraj | Electrical & Computer Engineering
Photographing Computer Programs to Identify Malicious Software

Matthew Gebbie | Materials
Simplifying Nature's Invention: Engineering Mussel Proteins into Biomedical Glues

Jessica Perkins | Bren School of Environmental Science & Management 
Life Cycle Assessment & Decision Making - Finding a Solution, Not Just Changing the Problem

Erik Spickard | Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Gonads to Guts: Reprogramming an Organ in the Nematode C. elegans

Abel Gustafson | Communication

Predicting Election Outcomes Using Wikipedia

​And the winner is...

The winners of the 2015 UCSB Grad Slam: Champion Daniel Hieber (Linguistics), center; and Runners-Up Abel Gustafson (Communication) and Jessica Perkins (Bren). Credit: Patricia Marroquin

Champion Daniel Hieber (Linguistics), center
Runners-Up Abel Gustafson (Communication) and Jessica Perkins (Bren)
Photo Credit: Patricia Marroquin

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