Grad Slam 2014 Semifinal Round Schedule

ROUND 1 (See Recap)
Tues Apr 15 | 4-5p

SRB Multipurpose Room

Leah Kuritzky | Materials
Advanced to Final Round
Focused, Efficient, and Bright: The Promise of Laser Lighting

Haddy Kreie | Theater and Dance
Celebrating Mourning: Memorializations of Vodun and Slavery in West Africa

Philip Deslippe | ​Religious Studies
How Pizza Explains Yoga

David Jacobson | Physics
Genetic Regulation: What the Human Genome Project Didn’t Tell Us

Dibella L. Wdzenczny | ​Linguistics
Advanced to Final Round
Documenting the Endangered Languages of Siberia

Michelle Oyewole | Geography
Advanced to Final Round
Effects of Compost Application Rate on Area- and Yield-Scaled Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Deborah Barany | ​​Dynamical Neuroscience
Advanced to Final Round
Complex Fluids Being Even More Complex

Damien Kudela | Chemistry
Advanced to Final Round
A Safe and Effective Nanotherapeutic to Control the Coagulation Cascade During Trauma

Logan Fiorella | Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Is Teaching Really the Best Way to Learn?

Samantha Davis | Evolution, Ecology and Marine Biology
Coral Reef Recovery...or Not?

ROUND 2 (See Recap)
Tues Apr 15 | 4-5p
​SRB Multipurpose Room

Don Daniels | ​Linguistics
Advanced to Final Round
Reconstructing Proto-Sogeram

Dayton Horvath | Chemistry & Biochemistry
Don’t Stop the Solar Fuels Party

Michael Zakrewsky | Chemical Engineering
Advanced to Final Round
New Arsenal of Materials for Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacterial Infections

Nate Emery | Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
I Have the Foggiest Idea

Aubrie Adams | ​Communication 
Advanced to Final Round
Student Perceptions of Teacher :) Emoticon Usage

Alexander Pucher | ​Computer Science
Solon: Democratizing the Cloud

Carly Thomsen | ​Feminist Studies
Aspiring towards Greatness: (Re)Presenting Muslim Identity in the American Urban Environment

James G. Allen | Marine Science
Advanced to Final Round
Measuring Cells from Space: Remote Sensing of Phytoplankton Size Distribution

Audrey Harkness | Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology
Having “The Talk”: The Importance of Parent-Child Communication about Sexual Orientation in the Development of Youth Sexual Orientation Attitudes and Behaviors

Mira Rai Waits | History of Art and Architecture
Mapping the Finger: The Colonial History of Biometrics

Matt Cieslak | Counseling, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Advanced to Final Round
Searching the Brain for Missing Parts