Final Round Schedule 

Friday April 18 | ​3-4p
Corwin Pavillion


Don Daniels | ​Linguistics
Reconstructing Proto-Sogeram

Leah Kuritzky | Materials

Focused, Efficient, and Bright: The Promise of Laser Lighting

Dibella L. Wdzenczny | ​Linguistics
Documenting the Endangered Languages of Siberia

Michelle Oyewole | Geography
Effects of Compost Application Rate on Area- and Yield-Scaled Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Deborah Barany | ​​Dynamical Neuroscience
Complex Fluids Being Even More Complex

Damien Kudela | Chemistry
A Safe and Effective Nanotherapeutic to Control the Coagulation Cascade During Trauma

Michael Zakrewsky | Chemical Engineering
New Arsenal of Materials for Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacterial Infections

Aubrie Adams | ​Communication 
Student Perceptions of Teacher :) Emoticon Usage

James G. Allen | Marine Science
Measuring Cells from Space: Remote Sensing of Phytoplankton Size Distribution

Matt Cieslak | Counseling, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Searching the Brain for Missing Parts

​And the winner is...

Champion James G. Allen (Marine Science), second from left
Runners-Up Damien Kudela (C​hemistry) and Deborah Barany (Dynamical Neuroscience), right

Photo Credit: Patricia Marroquin

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