Final Round Schedule

Friday April 19 | ​3-4p
Corwin Pavillion

Bob Lansdorp | ​​Materials
How Do Nano-Motors Unzip Your Genes?

Jasmin Llamas | Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology

The Importance of Familia for Latina/o College Students: Examining Familial Support on Intragroup Marginalization

Torrey Trust | Education
K-12 Tech Tools Database: Understanding How Open Educational Resources Shape Student Learning

Misty Riddle | Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Reprogramming Cell Fate and Remodeling Organs in a Tiny Worm

Mohammad Mirzadeh | ​​Mechanical Engineering
Direct Numerical Simulation of Supercapacitors' Charging Dynamics

Britney Pennington | Biomolecular Science and Engineering
Directly Reprogramming Human Cells to Treat Ocular Diseases

Cyrus Dreyer | ​Materials
Lighting the World From the Head of a Pin: Engineering Across Length Scales

Peter Mage | Ma​terials
Taking the Guesswork Out of Medicine: Sensors, Steamships, and Loops

Briana Simmons | History of Art & Architecture
The Plantation Economy: Material Culture, Architecture, and Global Exchange in Nineteenth-Century Brazil

​And the winner is...

2013 finalists
Champion ​Peter Mage (Materials),
Runners-Up Misty Riddle (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology) and Britney Pennington (Biomolecular Science and Engineering)

Photo Credit: Patricia Marroquin

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