Funding Workshop: Budgeting Basics for Financial Literacy

This Financial Literacy workshop hosted by the Graduate Funding Peer covers how to get a handle on your income and expenses, set your financial goals, pick a budgeting strategy that's right for you, and start thinking about investing in your future.

Plus, handy worksheets and tons of bonus slides containing tips and tricks for everyday savings and financial resources.

To access the recording of the online workshop click here.

Additionally, here's a copy of the Q&A from the panel that may be helpful as you think about your financial planning goals:

Q: Are there any privacy concerns for using budgeting apps like Mint or Stash?
A: Certainly, there is always an element of risk when you give third-parties access to your personal information. It's totally up to you what you are comfortable sharing or not sharing. It's a good idea to always read through the Terms & Conditions when you sign up for any online service. Personally, I've never had a problem with Mint, and the app can only see what's in my accounts, they can't actually touch those accounts. Again, what's most important is your comfort level and educating yourself on what a service does with your information.

Q: Can international students also open Roth IRAs?
A: Yes, international students (nonresident aliens) are eligible to open IRAs! Just remember that if you leave the US for a long period of time, it may become difficult to access that account. If your home country's banks also offer tax-advantaged retirement savings accounts, you may want to open one there.

Q: Are there any IRA firms or high-yield savings accounts you recommend?
A: No, those kinds of recommendations are outside of the scope of the Funding Peer's position. But there is lots of great information and reviews online. I personally like NerdWallet's reviews.