Spring 2021 Writing Soft Skills Success Series: Writing Animal Personality Quiz: Learning Your Writing Traits

Wed, Apr 21 2021, 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
/ Location: Zoom

You might know if you are a JENT (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) or a 2 (Enneagram of Personality). But when it comes to writing, are you an octopus or an ant? We have all seen (and likely taken) many surveys that label our personalities. While it can be misleading to say that a survey can reveal key parts of our identities, certain surveys can be very useful to identify patterns of behavior. With this knowledge, we can better understand how we react in a given situation.

Though it might not come to people’s minds right away, writing is once such activity that is heavily guided by behavioral patterns. When do we write, what motivates us to write, what distracts us from writing… these are but a few of the many points to consider when figuring out a writing behaviors profile.

In this presentation, you will reflect on a series of questions that take stock of these behaviors. Based on your responses, you will find out if you are, for example, an octopus or an ant when it comes to idea generation. With such information in hand, you can then learn what elements of your writing behaviors profile are assets to you — and then be on the lookout for how your behaviors might lead to less-than-productive experiences.

When: Wednesday, April 21st, 12-1pm
Where: Zoom
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Event Contact : Robby Nadler