Embodied Consciousness: Knowing Safety and Seeking Balance

Wed, Jul 29 2020, 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM
/ Location: Google Meet: Click flyer to RSVP!

Join co-facilitators and fellow graduate students Veronica Franco (Graduate Mental Health Peer) and Julia McClenon (International Grad Peer) in this third and last part of the workshop series "International Perspectives on Embodied Consciousness," where we will focus on the impact of moving across the world to attend school and will explore coping resources one can use in times of distress.

You do not need to have attended the other workshops to drop in for this one!

Oftentimes being in a foreign country can undermine feelings of safety even if it is a "safe" country and can heighten a sense of uncertainty. We will discuss how students can incorporate skills to help their bodies feel/know safety and how they can turn to their unique cultural practices to enhance a sense of balance.

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Event Contact : Julia McClenon, 黎思月