Embodied Consciousness: Reversing "Mind Over Matter"

Wed, Jul 01, 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM
/ Location: Google Meet: Click Flyer to RSVP!

Join co-facilitators and fellow graduate students Veronica Franco (Graduate Mental Health Peer) and Julia McClenon (International Grad Peer) in this workshop for international students and post-docs, facilitators where we will discuss how society and our unique cultural experiences may teach us to ignore our body’s basic signals such as hunger, tiredness, thirst, need for play, and desire to move, and how this harms our overall wellness. 

To reverse this mind-over-matter paradigm, we'll discuss how to begin “de-programming” by listening to the body through hands-on practices and explore the power of the body and the connection it has with our well-being. 

You are welcome to join for a single workshop, or for all three in this three-part series. The greatest benefits will be gained if you are able to attend all three, but don't hesitate to simply drop in when you can! Check out more info on Part 2: The Body as Holder of Our Experiences and Emotions and Part 3: Knowing Safety and Seeking Balance.

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Event Contact : Julia McClenon 黎思月