How to Give a Teaching Demonstration (Writing Workshop Series), Winter 2020

Thu, Jan 16, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
/ Location: SRB 2154

The teaching demonstration is where a committee glimpses your teaching efficacy. And with only one class period to display your skills, there’s little margin for error. In this workshop, participants will learn about what goes into a strong teaching demonstration from a pedagogical perspective. From there, the workshop will inform candidates about various modes to engage an audience through spoken, visual, and written communication. This workshop will provide participants with a sense of what lesson to teach and how to teach said lesson. While this presentation is aimed at teaching demonstrations, students who are looking to better their teaching, in any context, are welcome to attend.  

​When: ​Thursday,​ January 16th, 11-12:30pm
Where: SRB 2154
RSVP here but drop-ins are welcome!

Event Contact : Robby Nadler