Individualized Professional Skills program featured in recent Inside Higher Ed article

by Adrienne Tsikewa, Graduate Programming Assistant
Wednesday, December 21, 2022 9:12 AM

UCSB's Individualized Professional Skills (IPS) program has been featured in a recent Inside Higher Ed article! IPS provides funding for professionalization opportunities, such as workshops, certifications, industry conferences, and job-shadowing.

In their Inside Higher Ed article "Filling in the Gaps in Grad Student Career Readiness," IPS staff Arica Lubin, Shawn Warner, and Baron Haber discuss the need and development of the IPS and emphasize the positive impact that it has for graduate students to take ownership of their own career path. They also share four lessons they learned for others who wish to develop a similar program on their own campus.

To learn more about the Individual Professional Skills program, click here