Free thesis/dissertation support webinars

by Graduate Division Staff
Monday, December 14, 2020 9:15 AM

In this time of social distancing, staying focused on a writing project is difficult. Working on a dissertation or a large manuscript project can seem overwhelming. However, the thesis/dissertation coaching and academic writing service, Defend and Publish, is here to help you succeed!

For December 2020 and January 2021 Defend & Publish is offering its slate of webinars at no cost (a $14.95 per session savings).

The webinars address topics such as writing project management, overcoming writer’s block, and writing a literature review. These webinars are offered in a live format to enable you to interact with your writing and engage with other writers. All webinars are hands-on and interactive.

Upcoming sessions are listed below. All times listed are for the Eastern time zone.

  • Project Management for the Academic Writer (Dec 16 at 3pm and Jan 21 at 12pm)
  • Overcoming Writer's Block (Jan 6 at 12pm)
  • Writing a Literature Review Part I: Strategies for Success (Jan 13 at 3pm)
  • Writing a Literature Review Part II: Identifying and Addressing Key Challenges (Jan 20 at 3pm)
  • Mastering Author and Dissertation Guidelines (coming soon!)

Click here to sign up for these free webinars.

Defend & Publish’s content differs from other services because you actually create materials you can use immediately in the webinar. Within one hour, you can walk away with ready to use materials you can use to address a variety of writing challenges. Sign up today!