Bridge to Boston Consulting Group: 3-day Consulting Workshop Application Due March 31

by Lana Smith-Hale, Graduate Career Counselor
Thursday, March 19, 2020 4:27 PM

We often hear that when graduate students are looking for jobs outside the academy, they wonder if they can find a role that is fulfilling and uses their PhD skills. One very popular and meaningful career path that meets those needs is consulting.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a management consulting firm and is one of the more prestigious global consulting firms. BCG recently announced its PhD & Postdoc Program as an option for current PhD candidates and Postdocs.

They are currently accepting applications for their Bridge to BCG program, which is a 3-day summer workshop allowing you to “test drive” the BCG case team experience and see if consulting would be a good career option for you.

Current PhDs and Postdocs are welcome to apply. The application can be found here and is due March 31. For more information about Advanced Degree Careers at BCG visit the BCG website.

BCG states that they greatly value the problem-solving and critical thinking skills that PhDs and Postdocs from a variety of backgrounds bring to the table. At BCG, PhDs and Postdocs spend their time in a variety of industries and choose to work in areas related to their academic expertise, as well as to branch out into industries and functional areas with which they have no prior experience. Importantly, BCG views consulting as an attractive alternative career for many PhDs-in-training and Postdocs and thus has career tracks that are developed especially for individuals with advanced degrees.