19 UCSB graduate students win NSF GRFP Grants

by Daina Tagavi, Professional Development Peer
Thursday, April 02, 2020 10:30 AM

UC Santa Barbara's Graduate Division would like to congratulate and recognize the 19 graduate students who received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Grant and the 17 graduate students who received honorable mentions. The GRFP is one of the most preeminent honors that a young scholar can receive. In addition to the distinction, the GRFP provides research security and freedom by providing graduate students with $138,000 over three years.

The vast majority of ​the awardees attended the NSF GRFP Series by Dr. Robby Nadler, Graduate Writing Specialist. For students interested in applying this year, Dr. Nadler ​is holding a mini GRFP series at the end of ​the month. Sign up for the series here!

Award Winners: 
Rebecca Albert, Archaeology
Gregory Mirek Brandt, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Allison Chau, Materials Engineering
Courtney Durdle, Cognitive Psychology
Jordan Finzel, Chemical Engineering
Emily Foley, Chemistry of Materials
Emily Johnson, Archaeology
Joseph Kincaid, Sustainable Chemistry
Justin Mayer, Metallic Materials
deandre miles-hercules, Linguistics
Megan Newsome, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Mesopotamia Nowotarski, Chemistry of Life Processes
Gordon Pace, Chemical Engineering
Viki Papadakis, Social Psychology
Evan Pretti, Chemical Engineering 
Colleen Reynolds, Metallic Materials
Bridget Vincent, Evolutionary Biology
Rebecca Vincent, Chemistry of Materials
Charles Xiao, Mechanical Engineering

Honorable Mentions:
Michael Costello, Cell Biology
Shane Dewees, Ecology 
Liam Dow, Bioengineering 
William Fisher, Biomaterials 
Devin Gamble, Evolutionary Ecology 
Louis Graup, Ecohydrology 
Joel Guo, Optical Engineering 
Shannon Heinrich, Sustainable Chemistry 
Emmanuel Kayede, Electrical and Electronic Engineering 
Maxwell Mattejat, Sustainable Chemistry 
Sean McBride, Theoretical Physics 
Ali Muller, Engineering Education 
Howie Nguyen, Chemistry of Materials 
Julie Perkins, Theoretical Physics
Ryan Russell, Physics of Materials 
Samuel Warnock, Polymers 
Jacob Weverka, Ecology 

Congratulations again to all of these talented students!