Graduate Division & Student Affairs welcome new International Graduate Student Peer Advisor

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Monday, July 15, 2019 8:00 AM

The Graduate Division, in partnership with the Division of Student Affairs, is excited to welcome our new International Graduate Student Peer Advisor, ​Julia McClenon. Julia will work to welcome and support the success of UCSB’s international graduate students. Read on to find out more about ​Julia!


I am a California native who has always been fascinated with international exchanges. When it came time for college, I searched for a school that would let me study in multiple countries, and from a small California community college I transferred directly to the Japan campus of Global College, and then to the China campus to study for another year. After school I took the first job I could find that would let me keep traveling and have more international interactions, and later worked as a U.S. diplomat to China. Pursuing a PhD was a natural next step in my career as an unstoppable thinker and endlessly curious learner. 


My research interests focus on various aspects of time or "temporality," particularly from anthropological, philosophical, and cognitive perspectives. I currently study how the traditional Chinese calendar is utilized in daily life alongside the Gregorian calendar, and how people in China and Taiwan navigate living under these two highly distinct temporal frameworks.


I absolutely love dogs and like to learn about dog behavior and dog training in my free time. If your dog has a quirky behavior you don't understand, come talk to me! I might know about it! Also, I ride motorcycles and am a bit of a car enthusiast.


I am so excited to support UCSB's courageous and talented international graduate students as the new International Peer and to ensure we are meeting their needs. I look forward to pointing students to appropriate resources on and off campus and, as a former study-abroad student myself, I look forward to being an understanding point of contact during their time here. Lastly, I am excited to facilitate and coordinate workshops through various departments on campus that help support international grad students both socially and academically.

Welcome, ​​Julia!