Policy update for international students

by Graduate Division Staff
Monday, July 08, 2019 8:00 AM

Under current policy approved by the Regents more than 10 years ago, the quarterly non-resident supplemental tuition (NRST) fee is waived for three years for graduate doctoral students after advancement to candidacy.

Historically, UCSB has interpreted the policy as a NRST waiver period of three calendar years, regardless of student registration status. In consultation with other UC Registrars, the UCSB Registrar is changing the implementation of the policy so that NRST will be waived for 9 registered quarters, which will now match the P2 status period. This interpretation will benefit international students who need a break in registration after advancing to candidacy. For example, if an international doctoral student who is advanced to candidacy takes a medical or parenting leave of absence, the quarters of leave will not count toward the 9 registered quarters of fee waiver. The Graduate Division sees this as a major improvement, and hopes it will make it easier for international students to utilize leave of absence options when necessary during their candidacy period.

The Office of the Registrar expects to implement this policy beginning fall 2019, at which time it will be applied to all current and new doctoral students going forward.

Please direct any questions not addressed below to gradacademics@graddiv.ucsb.edu


Q. Who is charged NRST?
A.  International students and domestic non-California residents in their first year (most domestic non-California residents will establish residency after their first year).

Q: Will students receive refunds for previous quarters?
A: No, the implementation will begin with fall 2019.

Q. Do in absentia quarters count as registered quarters?
A: Yes, students registered in absentia maintain full-time, registered status.

Q. If I took a leave of absence while in P2 status prior to the implementation of this policy, will that leave no longer count against my waiver period?
A.  Correct, according to the updated policy, the leave quarter will no longer count against the NRST waiver period.

Q. Does this policy only effect international students?
A.  Yes, domestic students do not pay NRST after they become California residents.

Q. Do lapsed quarters count against the waiver period?
A. No, the reinterpreted policy only counts registered quarters toward the 9 quarters of NRST waiver period.

Q. If I register in summer quarter, will it count toward the 9 quarters of NRST fee waiver?
A. No, only registration in a regular academic quarter (fall, winter, and spring) is counted. NRST is not charged in Summer Sessions.