Scholars participate in 2017 summer research programs

by Ana Romero, Diversity & Outreach Peer
Tuesday, September 12, 2017 4:24 PM

2017 ARC/UC LEADS Scholars Credit: Olivia HaydenFor eight weeks this summer, 22 undergraduate students traveled to UC Santa Barbara to participate in the Academic Research Consortium (ARC) and the UC Leadership Excellence through Advanced Degrees (LEADS) Scholar program. Organized by UCSB's Graduate Division, students had the opportunity to engage in research in their area of interest under the mentorship of a UCSB faculty member and graduate student. ‚ÄčStudents also participated in graduate school preparation through weekly professional development workshops and a Graduate Record Examination (GRE) course. ‚ÄčIn addition to these academic pursuits, students participated in social activities, such as visiting the The REEF (The Research Experience and Education Facility) at the Marine Science Institute and bowling at Zodos. UC LEADS and ARC Scholars shared their summer experience on a "Day in the Life" via UCSB Graduate Division's Instagram channel. The program culminated with students presenting their research at a symposium. 

ARC Scholar Valeria Alonso Blanco from UC Santa Cruz commented on how the program has impacted her aspirations. "I can honestly say I liked everything about the program (even the dining hall food). The program built an environment in which every day I continued to grow – academically, professionally, and personally. My mentors always challenged me and they were always there to guide me. Working alongside great intellectuals and always being supported was one of the many things I value from this program. It allowed me to gain the confidence I needed to make the decision of attending graduate school. I was indecisive about continuing higher education because I doubted I was good enough for graduate school. With the help of my mentors and colleagues, I was able to understand that my voice matters and that I have what it takes to succeed in graduate school."

UC LEADS Scholar Victor Hernandez Carreno from UC Merced shared his experience in the program. "The program exposed me to new perspectives in research with guidance and opportunities to grow as an individual. Presenting research was the most valuable experience about the program. It helped me learn what research is and how to convey the science to the public. I was surrounded by individuals who were making plans to become professors. I was taking action in pursuing my Ph.D. by looking at graduate programs and funding. I am certain about my desire and ambition for my graduate education and hope to share the knowledge and experience with my community."

The summer program would not have been a success without the assistance of Director of Admissions and Outreach Walter Boggan; Assistant Director of Outreach Ethny Stewart; Diversity & Outreach Peers Ana Romero and Danny Meza; and the faculty and graduate student mentors.

The 2017 summer scholar participants are listed below. For more information about the Graduate Division's summer programs, visit the outreach page.

2017 Academic Research Consortium Scholars

Ingred Garcia: California State University, Fullerton
Major: Economics 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alison Brysk
Graduate Student Mentor: Amanda Oliveria

Valeria Alonso Blanco: UC Santa Cruz
Major: Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Melissa Morgan Consoli 
Graduate Student Mentor: Adriana Sanchez

Micaela Rodriguez Tovar: UC Santa Barbara 
Major: Chicana/o Studies/Sociology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Denise Segura
Graduate Student Mentor: Marisa Salinas

Yanelliz Melchor: California State University, Northridge 
Major: Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Miller 
Graduate Student Mentor: Nikki Marinsek

Mariah Nelson: Bloomfield College 
Major: Sociology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Victor Rios 
Graduate Student Mentor: Liliana V. Rodriguez

Edith Melendez: Eastern Washington University 
Major: Applied Developmental Psychology 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maryam Kia-Keating 
Graduate Student Mentor: Ida Taghavi

Kimberly Madrigal:  California State University, Fullerton
Major: Sociology 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Denise Segura 
Graduate Student Mentor: Fatima Suarez

Miguel Martinez: Cornell University 
Major: Political Science 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Narayani Lasala-Blanco
Graduate Student Mentor: Sam Fontaine & Daniel Gomez

2017 UC LEADS Scholars

Ronnie Garcia: UC Los Angeles 
Major: Chemistry-Material Science 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Craig Hawker 
Graduate Student Mentor: Neil Dolinski

Alejandra Gonzales: UC Los Angeles 
Major: Chemistry-Material Science 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Guillermo Bazan
Graduate Student Mentor: Michael Ford

Rachel Miller: UC San Diego
Major: Nano-Engineering 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Chabinyc
Graduate Student Mentor: Eunhee Lim

Kirolos Kelada: UC Irvine
Major: Chemical Engineering 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cyrus Safinya
Graduate Student Mentor: Victoria Steffes

Felix Marcia:  UC Riverside 
Major: Physics 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Stuart 
Graduate Student Mentor: Ryan Heller

Anthony Salazar: UC Berkeley 
Major: Material Science & Engineering 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chris Palmstrom 
Graduate Student Mentor: Dan Pennachio

Victor Hernandez Carreno: UC Merced 
Major: Material Science & Engineering 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Irene Beyerlein
Graduate Student Mentor: Brandon Leu

Daniel Chu: UC Santa Barbara 
Major: Chemical Engineering 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Baron Peters

Kathryn Feerst: UC Santa Barbara 
Major: CCS Biology 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Thomas Turner 
Graduate Student Mentor: Michael Shahandeh

Mary Lopez-Isidro: UC Santa Barbara 
Major: Pre-Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carolina Arias

Ali Mahadi: UC Santa Barbara 
Major: Pre-Chemistry
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ram Seshadri 
Graduate Student Mentor: Brian Barraza

Isabella Mayorga: UC Santa Barbara 
Major: Material Science & Engineering 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hillary Young
Graduate Student Mentor: Devyn Orr

Anoop Praturu: UC Santa Barbara 
Major: Physics 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Siang Peng Oh
Post Doc. Mentor: Dr. Mike McCourt