Invitation to honor Orlando shooting victims at June 20 memorial

by David Whitman, Director of the UCSB Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity
Thursday, June 16, 2016 4:19 PM

I hope you’re as well as can be expected during such a devastating moment in our nation. I know that the tragedy of Orlando has brought unimaginable sadness, fear, and distress to our communities and lives. The Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, alongside the campus community, will be hosting a memorial to honor the 49 lives lost, provide our strength for the survivors and all families and friends impacted, mourn, and empower ourselves towards healing and action. We cannot ever forget that while the power and strength of LGBTQ communities are limitless, we continue to be plagued by targeted violence and discrimination, especially our LGBTQ communities of color. We also cannot erase that this was a targeted act of violence at an LGBTQ nightclub during a Latinx-themed night, and we further condemn the Islamophobia that has followed as a result.

A memorial station is set up on the first floor of the Student Resource Building. Students are encouraged to come by to reflect, mourn, remember, and write notes of solidarity.Below is the information for the memorial as well as resources for you to share and utilize as you see fit.

We Are Orlando Memorial

Monday, June 20, at​ noon

Music Bowl in the Department of Music

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*Please email if you would like to be a featured speaker at the event. There will be also be an opportunity for all people to speak as they would like to during the memorial.

Ways to support those impacted in Orlando and beyond:

The RCSGD is open throughout the summer to provide support for any and all people impacted by this tragedy, as well as CAPS, the Multicultural Center, and countless other resources campus-wide. We are hopeful that everyone can find ways together to care for themselves and for one another during this time. Thank you all so much for honoring the lives of those we have lost by moving forward with love, justice and progress in your hearts and minds.