Welcome to the new and improved GradPost!

By GradPost Staff
Tuesday, March 08, 2016 1:32 PM

Whether you are a frequent flyer or a new visitor, we're glad you're here. There is a lot that's new with the GradPost, and you'll still find all of the great content you've come to expect about grad student life at UCSB. Take a look at some of the improved features that are now available:

 MODERN DESIGN | No more endless scrolling to find the information you want! On the Home Page, you'll find a banner with featured stories as well as headliner articles from each category.

CATEGORIES | We've streamlined and expanded how articles are categorized. We've also added a brand-new Faculty Category, which compiles news and events that are relevant to faculty and staff who work with grad students.

GRADPOST ON-THE-GO | Thanks to our new responsive website design, you can easily view the GradPost on your tablet or mobile device.

We're excited to get our new site up and running, and more content will be added in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you are looking for older articles, head on over to the GradPost Archives.

Graduate Division Dean Carol Genetti praised the cleaner design and easier navigability of the new site, as well as the new Faculty section. "It's great to see the GradPost advance to the next level and be better in synch with the sophisticated design sensibilities of our graduate students," she said. "The new design will make it much easier to quickly see what’s happening, as well as to find past articles. Overall, the GradPost is teeming with great information for graduate students and we look forward to keeping that going!"

"One new feature that I’m especially happy about is the new section by and for faculty that will provide them with information that they can use to guide their students to success," Dean Genetti said. "I look forward to populating this, then sending links to the content out to my colleagues across campus."

Want to know more about the GradPost? Visit our About Section to find out where to look for specific content, who contributes to the GradPost, and how the GradPost came to be.

Have questions or notice something isn't quite right with the new website? Please email us to let us know!