$2 million in prize money for rethinking, redesigning, or re-materializing plastic

by Noreen Balos, Funding Peer
Tuesday, May 30, 2017 11:27 AM

Why rethink plastic? It is estimated that by the year 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean. This major concern is what the New Plastic Economy (NPEC) is trying to address. NPEC is an ambitious, three-year initiative to build momentum toward a plastics system that works. Applying principles of the circular economy, it brings together key stakeholders to rethink and redesign the future of plastics, starting with packaging.

So how can you be a part of it? Do you have an idea for how to get products to people without generating plastic waste? Or how ‚Äčto make all plastic packaging recyclable? If so, apply now for the NPEC Innovation Prize. Information is below of the two different competitions: $1Mill Circular Design Challenge and $1Mill Circular Materials Challenge.

Open to all individuals over the age of 18 and to all validly formed legal entities. No fee is required to participate. Certain restrictions apply. See Terms and Conditions for more details. 

DEADLINE for $1Mill Circular Design Challenge
Different deadlines are based on different phases of the competition (research, ideas, feedback, refinement etc.) View the Participation link for the exact timeline.

DEADLINE for $1Mill Circular Materials Challenge
Applications are open for submission now. A Live Webinar will be held on June 27, 2017 and the submission deadline is October 20, 2017.

NPEC Innovation Prize General Information
$1Mill Circular Design Challenge
$1Mill Circular Materials Challenge