What you need to complete your FAFSA

By Noreen Balos, Funding Peer
Tuesday, February 14, 2017 2:11 PM

‚ÄčIt's that time of year again! Every U.S. graduate student needs to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 2 if he or she wants to qualify for fellowships, scholarships, block grants, or student loans at UCSB. If you are not interested in getting free money or loans, then you can stop reading this and go back to counting your pile of cash.

Campus Deadline: March 2, 2017

Information needed:

  • Social Security number (enter it correctly on the FAFSA or someone else will qualify for your cash). If you are still a dependent student, you will need your parents’ Social Security numbers.
  • Driver’s license number (if you have one).
  • Alien Registration number (if you are not a U.S. citizen).
  • Adjusted Gross Income (AGI): Do your taxes first. You will need your tax returns including IRS W-2 information, for you (and your spouse, if you are married), and for your parents if you are a dependent student.
    • IRS Form 1040 (use line 37), 1040A (use line 21), 1040EZ (use line 4)
    • Foreign tax return and/or 
    • Tax return for Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Marshall Islands, the Federal States of Micronesia, or Palau
  • Records of your untaxed income (such as child support received, interest income, and veteran's noneducation benefits, for you, and for your parents if you are a dependent student)
  • Information on cash (e.g., savings and checking account balances; investments, including stocks and bonds and real estate, but not including the home in which you live; and business and farm assets for you, and for your parents if you are a dependent student)