Postdoctoral grants on research in human origins and evolution

by Noreen Balos, Funding Peer
Sunday, December 11, 2016 2:36 PM

The Leakey Foundation offers up to 27 grants for ABD Ph.D. students and postdoctoral scholars to research human origins and evolution. Grants are available for the exploratory phase of a research project. The Foundation expects Fellows to publish and share their data within a reasonable amount of time. 

No citizenship requirements

Must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent qualification in anthropology or a related discipline, or be enrolled in a doctoral program with all degree requirements fulfilled other than the dissertation. Must be affiliated with a school or research institution.

Grants to doctoral students are in the $3,000-$15,000 range and postdoctoral scholars may be funded up to $25,000.



January 10, 2017
July 15, 2017

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