Deadline extended: Envisioning LGBTQIA+ Wellbeing call for proposals

by Kate Brody-Adams, Assistant Director of Professional Development
Tuesday, September 11, 2018 9:00 AM

What does it take to create LGBTQIA+ communities that are healthy, supported, and powerful—both within and beyond academia?

How do different praxes, methods, and epistemes produce and contest meanings for the term “wellbeing”?

How can academic disciplines collaborate with one another to create visions for thriving LGBTQIA+ futures?

How can academics and community practitioners work together to create LGBTQIA+

UCSB's ​first ever LGBTQIA+ graduate student conference, Envisioning LGBTQIA+ Wellbeing, ​brings together graduate students and community practitioners to explore the future of the LGBTQIA+ community. Graduate students from all departments are encouraged to participate, and a variety of formats including traditional academic papers, personal reflections, art talks, etc., are welcome. Collaborations between disciplines to examine different ways of thinking about LGBTQIA+ wellbeing are encouraged. Applications for both individual papers and complete panels (3 papers/panel) are welcome, but panels must include students from at least two departments. Panels may have either a professor or community practitioner as respondent, and we will work with panels to identify respondents if you do not already have someone in mind.  

To apply, please submit:

For individual papers/reflections/talks: a 200 word abstract outlining your presentation
For complete panels: a 500 word overview including both the theme of your panel and
short abstracts for each presentation

Applications are due ​October 12 to

Please write “Envisioning LGBTQIA+ Wellbeing application” in your subject line

Contact or conference organizer Nora Kassner with any questions