Two days left to vote in Spring 2018 GSA elections

by Shawn Warner, Director of Professional Development
Wednesday, April 25, 2018 8:31 AM

Now is your chance to make your voice heard in the campus elections! The results of the 2018 Graduate Student Association elections affect not only your student government representatives but also the future funding of campus services and support for graduate students. Casting a ballot takes just a few minutes, and we need at least 20% participation from grad students or the election results for the ballot initiatives are not valid, and we have to do it all over again. So be sure to vote by 4 p.m. this Thursday!

Click HERE to find out more about the ballot initiatives you'll be asked to weigh in on.

Click HERE to find out who's running for GSA officer positions.

​Click HERE to find out what exactly each of our GSA officers are tasked with doing.