Who is going to represent you for Graduate Research Advocacy Day?

by Kyle Crocco, Writing Advisor
Tuesday, March 20, 2018 10:53 AM

Funding for graduate research is under threat. While the benefits of graduate ​research may seem obvious to grad students, our elected representatives in Sacramento still have their doubts. Like one of our demanding advisors, they ask us to prove it to them—each year.

Lucky for us, we have two great graduate students who will meet with local legislators ​and advocate for the support of UC graduate research while the rest of us sit back and hit the local microbreweries.

This year JV Decemvirale, Ph.D. student in Contemporary Art, and A​lana A​yasse, Ph.D. student in Geography, will work on our behalf. Together with Graduate Division Dean Carol Genetti ​they will ​impress upon lawmakers the benefits of their (and our) research at the ​ninth annual Graduate Research Advocacy Day on Wednesday, ​March 21.

JV Decemvirale
  JV Decemvirale plans to inform legislators about his research project Knowing Your Place and Making Do: Radical Arts Organizing in Black and Latino Los Angeles. His project investigates a constellation of arts organizations founded and managed by people of color in Los Angeles.

JV, who is from Los Angeles, was inspired to pursue this research ​because "Los Angeles itself is not typically included in the larger art historical narratives and people of color are not really highlighted or privileged within that discourse, so I feel a sense of responsibility to my city to collect and share those stories.”

As part of ​his advocacy, ​JV's goal is "to highlight a few of these stories and emphasize the special role the UC can play in preserving California’s local creative practices."

Alana Ayasse
 A​lana A​yasse will ​detail her project on remote sensing technologies to study methane emissions in California. Methane ​not only smells bad but is also responsible for air pollution and global warming.

​Alana explained ​her motivation to advocate was to remind policymakers about the important role graduate students play in maintaining the premier education and research produced by the UC system.

She also hopes to "impress upon lawmakers the importance of creating policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

Learn More
Watch the videos below to learn more about ​JV and ​Alana and their research advocacy mission.