Join the UCSB Library for their first Pacific View Series talk

by Shawn Warner, Director of Professional Development
Monday, November 13, 2017 10:03 AM

 The 2017-2018 Pacific Views: Library Speaker Series kicks off with a talk by Professor Yasamin Mostofi (UCSB Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering) to be followed by a public reception. Mostofi, whose research has appeared in the Huffington Post, the BBCDaily Mail, Engadget, TechCrunch, and NSFScience360, will discuss the significance of her work with radio frequency signals.

Robotics meets Wireless Communications: Opportunities and Challenges
A talk by Yasamin Mostofi (UCSB Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Tuesday, November 14, 4 p.m.
Pacific View Room (8th floor of the Library)

Radio Frequency signals are everywhere these days. Can they be used for sensing? Do they carry useful information about the objects they visit? For instance, imagine two unmanned vehicles arriving behind thick concrete walls. They have no prior knowledge of the area behind these walls. But they are able to see every square inch of the invisible area through the walls, fully imaging what is on the other side with high accuracy. Can the robots achieve this with only WiFi signals and no other sensors? In another example, consider the WiFi network of a building. Can it estimate the occupancy level of the building and the spatial concentration of the people, without relying on people to carry a device? In this talk, Mostofi will discuss her latest results to achieve these goals. More specifically, she will show that it is possible to achieve x-ray vision with only WiFi signals and drones, and image details through thick concrete walls. Furthermore, she will discuss occupancy estimation where I show how to count people with only WiFi measurements.