Grad Slam 2020 Preliminary Round Schedule

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Tues Apr 7 | 2-3p

Engineering Science Building 1001

Brooke English | ​Linguistics
"Pronouns in Bio:" Meta-Linguistic Discourses on International Pronouns Day

Nakoa Farrant | ​Environmental Science & Management
Reckless Abandonment? How Agricultural Legacies Influence Ecosystem Recovery

Jamila Gonzalez Religious Studies
Genesis, Midrash, and the New Jerusalem of Revelation

Michelle Grue Education
Wisdom From "The Onlys": Advice from Successful Black Women Professors on How to Succeed in Academia, Even When You're Isolated

Emily Lau | Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology
A Fish Lights the Way to Harnessing Bioluminescence for Biotechnology

Isaac Mackey | Computer Science
Digital Doppelgangers: Jorge Luis Borges and Computers with Anthropomorphic Memory

Ian Morgan | Biomolecular Science and Engineering
Why Disordered Proteins Can be Creepy?

Tadeg Quillien | Psychological & Brain Sciences
The Neuroscience of Cause and Effect

Marshall Sharpe | Art
Skeletons in My Family Closet

Katelyn Zigner | Geography
Weather at Work: Identification of Extreme Fire Weather Regions

Tues Apr 7 | 3:30-4:30p
Engineering Science Building 1001

​​Cory Brown | Mechanical Engineering
Automated Chemical Knowledge Discovery

Nathaniel Burola | Environmental Science & Management
Warming Waters, Moving Fish: How Climate Change is Affecting Fisheries

Jacqueline Comstock | Marine Science
How Coral Reef Microbes Drive Insights into Global Carbon Cycling

Thomas Costigan | Philosophy
Metaphysics of Groups

Kelsey Dowdy | Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology
Listen to the Reed: Invasive Species as a Lens to Address Watershed Degradation

Teresa Fukuda Environmental Science & Management
Understanding Your Environmental Footprint: Microplastics from Shoes

Jovana Gómez | Spanish and Portuguese
Representations of Women Who Kill in Mexican Literature and Cinema

​Smaranda Lawrie | Psychological & Brain Sciences
Aging Like a Rockstar

deandre miles-hercules | Linguistics
#BlackLanguageMatters: Linguistic Variation, STEAM Education, and Social Justice

Gordon Pace | Chemical Engineering
Glue That Conducts Too

Chad Spensky Computer Science
Saving the World from Computers with Computers

Jordan J. Tudisco Comparative Literature
Neither Here nor There: Non-Binary Existence and the Right to be Represented by Language

Wed Apr 8 | 2-3p
Engineering Science Building 1001

​Melanie Adams Mechanical Engineering
Can You Feel the Heat? Designing Phononic Crystals for Tuning Thermal Transfer

Shashank Aswathanarayana | Media Arts and Technology
Comparison of Spatialization Techniques with Different Music Genres

Alana Ayasse | Geography
Mapping Methane Megaplumes

Rebecca Baker | English
Mars Rising: Science Fiction and De/Colonial Speculative Futures on the Red Frontier

Lale Comstock | Spanish and Portuguese
Graphic Documentaries in the Hispanic World

Nathan Fisher Religious Studies
Dark Nights and Nonlinear Meditative Paths: Towards an Ecology of Heart

​Jessica Jagdeo Environmental Science & Management
How Will Climate Change Affect my Drinking Water?

Rohit Konda Electrical and Computer Engineering
Reliable Robotics: Integrating Technology Safely

Eugene Riordan, Jr. Global & International Studies
The Porn Imaginary Meets the National Imaginary

Melvin Thomas | Chemistry and Biochemistry
Reduction Reactions in Water

Richard Uhrig | Economics
19th Century School Attendance and Public School Tuition Abolition

Wed Apr 8 | 3:30-4:30p
Engineering Science Building 1001

Shara Rhagha Wardhan Balakrishnan | ​Center for Bioengineering
Identifying and Controlling the Conditional Genes that Modulate the Growth Rate of Bacteria

Eamon Devlin Environmental Science & Management
Helping Businesses Source Sustainably: Understanding the Environmental Consequences of using Wastes

Amy Fallas | History
Where Sectarianism Ends and Cooperation Begins in the Middle East

Farnaz Kaboudvand Materials
Energy's Future

Sam Kaufman-Martin | Mechanical Engineering
AWE-Inspiring: Designing Airborne Wind Energy Farms

Jedrzej​ Kozerawski | Electrical and Computer Engineering
Can You Let Go of the Steering Wheel?: Teaching Machines to See Fairly

Andrew McCumber Sociology
Of Rats and Men: Lessons From Our Least-Loved Nonhuman Companions

Maša Podunavac | Chemistry and Biochemistry
Soaking up Cancer with Sponge

Emily Robertson | Economics
Not in Your Backyard, Either: Historic Districts and Home Prices

Leila Stegemoeller English
Gut Feelings: The Bio(me)politics of Gut Bacteria and Human Subjectivity

​Kevin Varga | Geography
What Went Down with the Cave Fire?

Thurs Apr 9, 2-3p
SRB Multipurpose Room

Kunjesh Agashiwala | ​​Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Can Graphene-Based Communication Help in Effective Information Transfer in Modern Day Integrated Circuits?

Mirek Brandt | ​​Physics
Searching for Rocks Like Our Own 

Monica Cornejo | Communication
“Mijo, You’re Undocumented”: Family Communication about Being Undocumented

Rubayn Goh | Materials
Adaptive Survival Capsules for Developing Shark Embryos

Greta Koumarianou Chemistry and Biochemistry
How to Search for Life on Other Planets

Blake Kyler | Philosophy
How to Save 4000 Lives

Laura Pritschet Psychological & Brain Sciences
Sex Hormones and the Brain: What I Learned after Spending 3600 Minutes in an MRI

Lucas Reddinger | Economics
Temptation: Immediacy and Certainty

Luke Rosedahl | Dynamical Neuroscience
CategorySaber: A Virtual Reality Category Learning Game

​Gracie White Environmental Science & Management
(Sea)Grass Fed

Thurs Apr 9 | 3:30-4:30p
SRB Multipurpose Room

Tannishtha Bhattacharjee History
The ‘Who am I, really’ Conundrum of the Sylhetis in India

Alexandra Downs Mechanical Engineering
In-Brain Biosensing: Can Nanoporous Gold Boost Signal?

David Grimsman | Electrical and Computer Engineering
How Childhood Games Can Solve Adult Problems

Linshan Jiang | East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies
Women Writing War Memories

Katharine Leigh | Environmental Science & Management
SmallScaleOA: Creating a Circular Economy of Coastal Data

​Molly O'Hagan | Global & International Studies
Girls Incorporated: Violence, Athletics, and Gender Anxiety within Preventative and Counter Violent Extremism

Seamus O'Hara | Physics
Measuring the Energy Landscape of a Crystal

Nathan Svadlenak | Chemistry and Biochemistry
We Are Our Own Fossils

Maite Urcaregui | English
City Surveillance and Visual Resistance in Graphic Narrative

Fri Apr 10 | 2-3p
SRB Multipurpose Room

Ahmed Adam Global & International Studies
Reimagining Mahraganat

Margaret Fisher English
Human Story, Animal Consequence: Elephants as Uncooperative Tools of the Western Literary Tradition

Louis Graup Environmental Science & Management
A Tale of Water and Fire

Jamiree Harrison | Mechanical Engineering
Genetic Toggle Switch for Plastic Degradation

A S M Iftekhar Electrical and Computer Engineering
Making the Machines Smarter: Developing Visual Perceptions in Machines

Laura Ingulsrud Environmental Science & Management
Saving Moby Dick: Conservation of Resident Sperm Whales in Dominica

Samuel Jacob Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ammonia: The Household Cleaning Product to Power Our Future

Simone Stewart Mechanical Engineering
What the Flux?: Maximizing Flux Exchanges Between Direct Air Carbon Capture Arrays and the Atmospheric Boundary Layer

Wendy Sun Comparative Literature
Besieged in Shanghai: Dialectical Memory and Transcultural Literature on the Hongkou Jewish Ghetto

Kolaya Wilson Art
So, What's the Sitch?

Molly Wolfson Physics
Looking Back in Time: Studying the Early Universe

Fri Apr 10 | 3:30-4:30p
SRB Multipurpose Room

Gehad Abaza | ​Anthropology
On Becoming Citizens of the 'Non-Existent': Syrian War-Time Migration in Abkhazia

Vivek Adarsh | Computer Science
WiNE: Wireless Network for Everyone 

Julie Bongers Religious Studies
Run4Salmon: Chinook Salmon, California Agriculture, and the Delta Conveyance Project Tunnel

Jordan Garrett | Psychological & Brain Sciences
Your Brain on Exercise

Sarah Gerenday | Earth Science
Refill Please: Recharging Aquifers with Reclaimed Water

Luke Gockowski | Mechanical Engineering
Sunlight-Actuated Soft Robots

Chantel Haughton | Communication
Thriving in Interracial Relationships: Relationship Maintenance and Communal Orientation as Protection Against Network Stigma

Surojit Kayal | English
The Animal in the Machine in the Human

Matthew McEwen | Physics
Quantum Computing Wins a Race

Markus Merk Biomolecular Science and Engineering
Illuminating the Mystery of Life

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