Library of Successful Fellowship Proposals

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Note: we are currently working to digitize our fellowship library. We will send out an announcement as soon as it's finalized.

Our library is constantly growing as more and more students win fellowships and donate their proposals to our collection. If you would like to donate your successful proposal, rating sheets, or any fellowship-relevant materials, please email the Funding Peer Advisor. Your name can remain anonymous on all materials and we do not allow students to take copies of any proposals.

If you would like to view sample fellowship proposals, stop by the Graduate Student Resource Center (located in the Student Resource Building, Room 1215) ​during normal business hours. You cannot make copies or take them with you, but you are welcome to take notes and view them as many times as you like. Click below to see a list of fellowships that are available to view​.

Extramural Fellowship Sample Proposals

UCSB Award Sample Proposals