Do you REALLY want to be a professor?

By Shawn Warner-Garcia, Director of Professional Development
Sunday, July 03, 2016 1:20 PM

Whether you are just starting ​your graduate program, finishing up and ​venturing onto the academic job market, or have recently secured an academic position, this question is worth reflecting on: Do you really want to be a professor?

When faced with the challenges and realities of a profession in academia, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore, it is often helpful and necessary to take stock and reflect on whether or not academe is the right fit for you. In her most recent Monday Motivator (a weekly newsletter through the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity), Rockquemore suggests a few things you might try as ways to differentiate between momentary frustration and the need to create an exit strategy when you reach roadblocks and major setbacks in academia.

  1. Write your story
  2. Reconnect with what you love about your work
  3. Get some of what's missing into your life ASAP
  4. Explore other options
  5. Create an exit strategy

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