TA Workshops on Pedagogy: Professional Workshop on Mutual Respect

Tue, Oct 22, 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
/ Location: 2110 Kerr Hall

Join Instructional Development for a series of workshops on pedagogy for graduate student TAs during ​Fall quarter! 

Professional Workshop on Mutual Respect
Facilitator: Professional staff from EODP, Title IX and CARE
This workshop explores the role we all have in creating environments that are inclusive, safe and supportive for every individual's success.  In alignment with UCSB's mission, this collaborative endeavor is facilitated by EODP, Title IX and CARE in an effort to understand how our backgrounds and experiences shape our beliefs, value and actions. You will learn skills and tools to acknowledge and address biases and microaggressions in a respectful manner and understand potential policy implications.

When: ​​​​Tuesday, October 22
Time: ​12-1:30p
Where: ​Kerr Hall ​2110

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Event Contact : Mindy Colin